Vintage Style Rugs

vintage style rugs

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vintage style rugs - Extra Weave

Extra Weave USA Handwoven Cotton Vintage Rug, 2.5' X 8'

Extra Weave USA Handwoven Cotton Vintage Rug, 2.5' X 8'

Add energy to any room with Extra Weave's Handwoven Cotton Vintage Rug. Its 2.5-feet by 8-feet size is perfect for hallways, entryways, bedrooms, kitchens, living and dining rooms; with its vivid colors and timeless design, it's the perfect rug for nearly every room in your house. Made of cotton, this rug is durable and . Cotton is a renewable and biodegradable resource that is also naturally strong and soft to the touch. Hand-woven and multi-colored. Also offered in 2-feet by 3-feet and 44-inches by 72-inches. Made in India. By Extra Weave USA – a company that's been specializing in natural fiber floor coverings, for nearly 100 years.

84% (17)

ArtDeco Diner Style Set

ArtDeco Diner Style Set

Retro chic style dining set will fit well in many different motifs such as gothic and vintage decor. Its elegant enough to be a part of upscale living and sassy enough to find its way into a roleplay arena.

Table - 5 Prims
Stools - 2 sits / 4 Prims
Rug - 1 Prim
Art - 1 Prim

Vintage Star Medallion Wall Quilt

Vintage Star Medallion Wall Quilt

I designed this vintage-style medallion quilt to hang on a wall in my living room. The colors were pulled from the chair upholstery and a braided rug in the room. Approx. 52" square. Quilted with a traditional clamshell design. Finished on Feb. 14th 2009.

vintage style rugs

vintage style rugs

Bungalow Flooring 23-by-36-Inch MicroFibre Floor Mat, Leopard Noir Print

Rugs and mats help us keep our homes clean and they add beauty and character to our favorite (and most visited) place in the world. Why settle for ordinary and mundane when you can have a Bungalow original creation? Bungalow's rugs and mats are a perfect way to spotlight your creativity and individuality. The microfibre leopard noir rug offers an ultra soft feel. It also has a low profile, to keep it away from swinging doors or shuffling feet and with the skid resistant backing it will stay where you want it … and need it. The 23-by-36-inch size is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or doorways. Display your unique taste and individuality with Bungalow.

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